The ‘Aut Cum Scuto, Aut in Scuto' Series is Modernly Med

 - Jan 5, 2012
References: ayakovlev.photodom &
The ancient phrase ‘Aut Cum Scuto, Aut in Scuto,’ after which this photo series is titled, refers to a Spartan woman’s words to her son before he went off to battle. It translates to "Either this or upon this," which means either come home with one’s shield or be born upon it in death. It is a dramatic saying that sets the tone for this otherwise ordinary photo shoot.

Shot by dynamic photography duo Andrey & Lili, the Aut Cum Scuto, Aut in Scuto photo series is inspired by the armor donned by knights. From chainmail shirts to weapon accessories, the looks seem more like costumes than ready-to-wear outfits. This photo series stars the strong and sexy model Juliya Galimova.