Audrey Heller Creates Interactive Dioramic Scenes

The miniature scenes created by photographer Audrey Heller are adorably endearing. Each image centers around mini figurines that interact with big people items such as crayons, rulers, mugs and more. For instance, Audrey Heller has arranged two construction workers in such a way as to look like they are spelling out the word "dream" for a game of scrabble.

With a background in theatre, Audrey Heller has honed her eye for set designs. As the artist herself puts it, "I still consider my photos a theatrical project that happened to end up on film." Based in San Francisco, California, Audrey Heller revels in the playful and surreal. By working strictly under a scale of 1:87, however, Audrey Heller manages to keep a reign on her imagination -- in a good way, of course.