'Shimmer' is a Nearly Invisible Card Reader That Expedites Hacking ATMs

 - Aug 14, 2015
References: krebsonsecurity & techcrunch
The technology now exists to make ATM hacking much easier. 'Shimmer' is a barely there piece of technology that slides into the same slot where credit and debit cards are inserted. Its thin size allows it to go unnoticed and therefore to pick up data straight off of chip-enabled cards.

The skimming device got its name from the word "shim," as it puts itself right in between the chip on the card and the chip-reader in the ATM. This structure allows the Shimmer to read the card exactly the way an ATM would. Its gold rectangles allow it to read the chip, while the black box towards the top of the door collects and stores the data.

This ATM hacking device was found in a machine in Mexico and is likely to be reproduced globally if better safety precautions against chip-readers are not found.