Artyvects Ultra Light and Thin Wallets made of Tyvek®

 - Dec 16, 2013
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Artyvects Wallets are more than just money holders; carrying an Artyvects Wallet means carrying art. A wallet is made of only one piece of Tyvek® and provides the canvas for eight different cutting-edge designs. Tyvek® is a special material which is thin and light as paper, yet durable, non-tearable and water-resistant.

The wallets are also 100% recyclable, and therefore eco-friendly. Artyvects is art in pocket size on a canvas that will surprise everybody. Artyvects Wallets are made for people who like to relieve their pockets and who want to set trends. A wallet is the ultimate festival and party accessory as it is so conveniently light and refreshingly different.

The eight different designs, made in Germany, vary from classic looks "The Stripes" to a colourful and edgy design like the "Birdflashmob."