Arts and Business Scotland Awards Throw Back to Ancient Olympian Cups

 - Nov 11, 2011
References: nckrss & yankodesign
Once upon a time there was meaning behind the cup-shaped form of prizes and after thousands of years the Arts and Business Scotland Awards trophies reference that significance once again.

The winners at the 2011 ceremony will be receiving celebratory souvenirs that harken back to the roots of the golden chalice type of token. Designers Fraser Reid and Nick Ross wished to revisit the ancient Greek trophy, once a venerated vessel containing sacred oils, and adapt it to take on a clean contemporary form with a timeless elegance.

At least six different pristine modern amphorae were cast from synthetic plaster taking forms inspired from iconic sports prizes. The Arts and Business Scotland Awards trophies are held within coppery tripods reminiscent of Roman pedestals.