'Aromatherapy Wear' Offers Fashionable, Functional Styles

The new line called Aromatherapy Wear by Bond and Lead is about to revolutionize 2019.

There’s no doubt that aromatherapy is booming right now and that there are a plethora of essential oil products on the market. Though most health and wellness-savvy consumers have totally embraced the benefits of the aromatherapy wave, many are still really unhappy with the complexities of trying to actually diffuse aromatherapy. Let’s face it, plug-in puffers aren’t exactly helpful if you are on the move and waiting until you get home to start sniffing isn’t actually a good solution to finding some serenity.

Bond and Lead, new and upcoming fashion tech company, found a way to enable people to take their aromatherapy boosts with them, by means of wearing beautifully designed bracelets and bangles. Each accessory simply opens up, like a locket, so that users can dab their choice of aromatherapy essential oil on the inner diffusing pad and enjoy as they go about their day.

Starting at $78, the accessories are absolutely worth it, because there really isn’t anything else out there in the market that gives you the combination of great fashion and function, all for the benefit of your wellness.