'Arigato from Japan' Brings Relievers and the Relieved Together

 - Jul 27, 2011
References: arigatofrom.jp & japantrends
The hard work of an anonymous non-profit organization has paid off: ‘Arigato from Japan’ is online and the people of Nippon are thanking the world en masse for its compassionate efforts and alms-giving.

Immediately following the March 11 disasters in Japan, the people of the world sent overwhelming support and relief, even when they had little to offer themselves. ‘Arigato from Japan’ gives the affected people a way to say thank you to the millions of anonymous contributors. Japanese users post 3-5 second videos in which they personally give recognition to donations given, and as visitors arrive at the website, they’re automatically greeted by random clips -- the results are breath-taking!

After having your heartstrings pulled, ‘Arigato’ links you to several disaster and refugee relief funds -- many of which have nothing to do with Japan’s recent earthquake -- in an effort to direct attention to other major problems ailing the planet.