More Refined & Mature

 - Aug 8, 2007
References: apple
No doubt industrial designers worldwide will be busy today copying the slick styles introduced yesterday by Apple for their new iMac line. The new iMac design, while undeniably slick and salivatingly desirable is not a radical change over it's predecessor. Not redefining what a home computer can be, as the iMac did in its last redesign, rather refining and maturing the design, appealing not only to home users but incorporating a has a more professional appeal too â€" important if Apple are able to reach into the office environment. Apple not only launched it's revamped iMac line yesterday, but also it's flagship software suit iLife. The key to Apple's ongoing success is the marrying of great industrial design with unrivalled software design. The new iLife suite, like the iMac did not really break any new territory, rather reaffirm Apples lead in providing a desirable solution for our digital lifestyles. Apple make it a pleasure to manage our music, photo's and videos, and this process just got a lot more simple, and a hell of a lot more sexy.