The 'Apple - Beast File' Video Sheds Light on Apple Inc. Practices

 - Jun 26, 2011
References: vimeo & visualnews
Apple Inc. has always presented itself as an upstanding company, but in the interest of corporate transparency, this 'Apple - Beast File' has delved into the company's history and pulled out some less-than-flattering information.

The 'Apple - Beast File' criticizes the mega company for evoking social do-gooders Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. while committing some acts of inhumanity themselves. For instance, Apple Inc. outsources most of its labor and employs foreign workers at questionable pay rates. Did you know that if an Apple iPad were to be made using North American labor, it would cost consumers $14,970?

The video continues by illuminating facts about Apple practices that appear suspect. Does the "Think different" company truly practice what it preaches? Watch the video and decide.

Implications - A corporation's reputation plays a major part in its success. Companies which appear to follow strong ethical practices are better able to evoke trust from their customers. It is thus ever important for corporations to align their business practices with the way they project themselves to the public.