The Aora Eclipse Media Player Targets a Higher Echelon of Audiophiles

 - Feb 1, 2012
Apple's iPods and iPhones may be expensive electronics, yet they have become the everyman's gadgets in the Western world. As such, the affluent and the middle class are likely using the same devices, unless products like the Aora Eclipse Media Player come to be.

Chin Zuozhi worked amidst the Gajah International and LaSalle collaboration to develop an mp3 player fit to seduce consumers with a taste for contemporary luxury. No precious metals or stones can be found on this gadget, since stainless steel and a high-gloss glass are the modern prized materials which communicate performance and strength. The pair have been assembled cleanly into a streamlined casing, complete with a lustrous OLED touchscreen. One in the Lunar Series of electronics, the Aora Eclipse Media Player would becomes a new sort of status symbol.