Kix by Katie

 - Sep 3, 2008
References: kixbykatie & chicstories
Heel wedgies are those annoying occasions when long pant bottoms get stuck in between the heel and the shoe as you walk. It is a fashion faux pas you could do without. So Kix by Katie has come up with a simple and most important, affordable solution.

Kix by Katie is a stick on lightweight supportive strip which is applied to the inside back hemline of pants. The strip weighs down the pant leg enough to prevent heel wedgies. It works just like the collar stay in men's shirts. Nobody notices it including the wearer.

The patent pending product is designed to be removed before laundering but several re-applications are possible to extend the life of the product. Kix by Katie comes in three colours - khaki, black and blue. It costs $13 for 3 pairs.