The Visomate

 - Oct 2, 2008
If you don't like being caught slacking off by your boss, make sure he doesn't find out by the Visomate. The device checks on employees who have a habit of taking naps during working hours.

Since your boss can'’t keep an eye on all his office workers at all the time, the $3 Visomate does it for him. The USB device serves as an eye position monitor. It has a posture correction sensor that monitors the eye level of the person its monitoring. When the employee reaches a drowsy state and starts to slouch, the Visomate’ alarm turns on. This alarm is either in the form of a buzzer, or in silent mode is expressed as flashing LED signals.

So, if you don'’t want to be embarrassed and you want to keep your job, drink a lot of coffee, stay awake and perform your job with excellence. After all, that is what you are being paid for.