Another Ceramic Candlestick Marries Modernity and Tradition Beautifully

 - Oct 24, 2012
References: mariedessuant & designspotter
Modern man does not generally need to carry a candle around the house to illuminate his path, yet there is a charm about the Another Ceramic Candlestick collection and its reference to this practice that is quite contemporary. True, there may not be a necessity for the little dowel handles that protrude from the solid oak containers, but they suffice to rouse nostalgia for added aesthetic intrigue.

The design of the three pieces is by Marie Dessuant who turned the pots from wood and gave them pottery lids with openings to hold the bases of lighter-lit illuminators. They're quite sturdy and delightfully decorative for the more rustic or minimalist interior. The Another Ceramic Candlestick collection would be great for placement on dining room tables and provide lovely little vessels for storing matches and other assorted items.