This Shirt Declares That You're Anne Hathanoway

 - Sep 6, 2014
References: shopbetches & shop.nylon
The Opponent Tank by Shop Betches lets everyone know that you're not on team Hathaway. More like Anne Hathanoway, am I right, ladies?

Truth be told, Anne Hathaway is a beautiful and talented actress, but she's earned herself a reputation of being a little self-indulgent. Much like Gwenyth Paltrow before her, there's just something about Anne Hathaway that really grinds people's gears. Does she have a sense of entitlement? Does she really believe all the hype about herself? The fact of the matter is, Anne Hathaway is probably not going anywhere; especially now that she has an Oscar, but that doesn't mean you have to like her.

If you want to state your opposition, the Anne Hathanoway is the perfect form of protest.