The Angell Emergency Moto is Fueled by Compressed Air

 - Jun 10, 2014
References: cargocollective & dvice
The police all around the world often benefit from a number of different vehicles, not so for firefighters; that is, until the Angell Emergency Moto or something similar to it sees the light of day. It is a motorcycle equipped with firefighting features. Small and fast, it could get to scenes quickly and conveniently unlike bigger fire trucks.

Designed by Marty Laurita, the Angell Emergency Moto is powered by compressed air, which takes advantage of the fact that every fire station in existence has its own air compressor. This all-purpose emergency vehicle saves space by being powered this way, making room for a modular med kit and two tool kits. The first holds a crowbar and fire axe while the second comes with grenades.