Angelica Strom's Photography is Exquisite and Enlightening

 - May 21, 2011
References: angelicastromrbonmade & photodonuts
This photographic collection is so filled with sunlight that it makes you feel warm just looking at it.

Angelica Ström's photography is the definition of radiant. The 19-year-old photo prodigy has a large collection of dreamlike imagery, and these photos in particular caught my eye. Instead of using studio professional photography, Angelica opts for optically pleasing natural light. She places her subjects near open or blinded windows that are in direct sunlight and captures the sun streaking and striping across their bodies. These diagonal lines of light slice across the subjects, illuminating small sections of them. The effect is glowing and radiant, and reminds one of waking up from a nap on a sunny afternoon.

Angelica Ström's photography collection is sensationally sunlit.