The Angel Faucet Allows People with One Hand to Wash Conveniently

 - Dec 20, 2012
References: tuvie
Many people do not consider the great frustrations and inconveniences in daily life for those with certain physical disabilities. The Angel Faucet has been designed with one specifically in mind, offering a means for arm amputees to effectively wash their hands.

Given that the ordinary act becomes much more difficult without another hand to rub against, the user is provided with a built-in scrubbing pad on the top of the bathroom fixture. It's made of a soft material with a texture of many short bristles that aid in lathering soap against the skin and removing dirt. After applying a bit of detergent and water, the user can clean efficiently and easily in this innovative Angel Faucet concept by Cui Chengtao, Yang Shuai, Lin Shuo, Wang Shuai and Liu Shaolu.