The 'Angel Does Stuff' Tumblr Relives Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Fans of the late Buffy the Vampire Slayer television show can now rejoice as the Angel Does Stuff tumblr lets the hit vampire show live on. Coming way before the Edward Cullen in Twilight phenomenon, Angel was the alpha member of the undead.

In the Angel Does Stuff tumblr, Angel is shown in various everyday settings doing the most normal of things. He cooks, does the laundry and even entertains fellow vampire Spike as he pays him a visit. There are even references to Buffy as Angel is shown standing in front of the high school she attended.

The brooding face on Angel throughout the blog makes for a hilarious rendition of normal life. If you miss this vampire world as much as I do, then the Angel Does Stuff tumblr will definitely ease your pain a little.

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