The Andrej Pejic for Candy Magazine Editorial is Ethereal

This stunning bold black and white photoshoot starring Andrej Pejic for Candy Magazine has been photographed by Ali Mahdavi. The editorial, 'Body Double,' shows model Andrej Pejic dressed in both male and female fashion pieces put together by stylist Suzanna Von Aichinger.

Andrej is convincing as he plays her parts as both sexes, and Ali Mahdavi does an impressive job of capturing this story. The various designs Andrej is photographed in are dangerously daring, low-cut and revealing. His hair, styled by Marc Orsatelli, is pictured straight and parted down the middle when "playing" a woman. As a male, his hair is pinned up into a low tight bun. This gorgeous magazine shoot makes you do a double take as this superstar acts out these two roles marvelously.