The ACV 1.1 Vehicle Was Developed By Lockheed Martin

 - Sep 25, 2015
References: lockheedmartin & gizmag
The ACV 1.1 is an Amphibious Combat Vehicle, developed by Lockheed Martin, that is capable of carrying as many as 13 marines over either land or water. This vehicle makes use of some highly intuitive and innovative automatic systems, and is equipped with full armor and an eight-wheel-drive.

Future versions of the ACV 1.1 are set to be even more automated and could include autopilot modes for use in the sea. In addition to these military applications, the ACV 1.1 could also eventually find applications in the realm of civilian rescue services such as disaster relief for things like hurricanes and floods.

This battle wagon is ultimately designed to provide users with a significant operational and functional advantage in the field of battle, but potential applications for social good make it even more of an impressive creation.