A Graphic Designer Diligently Creates New Ampersand Typography Everyday

 - May 14, 2014
References: am.persand.me & designtaxi
While many people establish daily habits like running or reading, a Wisconsin based designer resolved to come up with a new form of ampersand typography everyday. Jillian--an educator, graphic designer and co-founder of graphic and web design firm Elbongürk--began a project to design a new ampersand to stimulate creativity and reach other objectives.

Jillian established a list of rules she must follow, including a posting deadline and pixel dimensions. She also decided it's ok to alter existing designs and every design can only be black. There was no goal in terms of the number of ampersands she wants to design, but she is currently at 118. Jillian noted side projects like ampersand typography are important for designers to take on because they make life interesting.