This Minimalist Aluminum Kettle is More Efficient and Eco-Friendly

 - Dec 24, 2015
References: & yankodesign
The designer of this aluminum kettle points out just how unnecessarily complex the contemporary water boiler has become. A simple vessel over heat has been sufficient since the very beginning, but modern products are now composed of handful of plastics, metals, parts that deteriorate quickly and overall designs that are full of flaws and do our planet no favors.

Fraser Leid conceived the Trapèze Kettle to take a basic geometric form, molded from aluminum. The squared mouth of the vessel shapes a natural spout, and the item sits on a stainless steel hotplate where it heats up by induction. This technology of energy transferal would be more efficient than the existing one. What we can learn form this aluminum kettle is how designers should regularly take a step back to reanalyze our everyday machines to prevent gradual convolution.