The AluCable Features a Lavish Design Aesthetic That's Functional

 - Feb 19, 2014
References: just-mobile & just-mobile
Apple products might be labeled something of a status symbol, but for just cause; a distinct attention to manufacturing and aesthetic makes them worthy of such a title. Enter the AluCable from Just Mobile to help not only extend the current capabilities of your Lightning connector, but do so in an elegant, respectful style.

Featuring a generous 1.5 metres of length, the AluCable is capable of connecting to out of reach desktops or hidden power outlets. While the original Lightning cable that comes packed with iDevices has been criticized as being more fragile than expected, the AluCable features a more rugged design with sumptuous aluminum finishing to add a touch of weight without going over the top. What's more, the grey and black color scheme of the AluCable makes it a better suit for pairing with MacBooks or iMacs, which means it's sure to satisfy the design-conscious.