The ‘All 786 Known Planets to Scale’ Maps Space

 - Aug 1, 2012
References: xkcd & gizmodo
The XKDC ‘All 786 Known Planets To Scale’ chart provides a visual look at all of the confirmed exoplanets. NASA’s Kepler undertaking has revealed a series of such exoplanets and at an impressive rate at that, leading to our expanded knowledge of outer space. PhD student Lane Harrison teamed up with Planetary Habitability Laboratory to produce this exceptional infographic which lays out some of the most relevant information. 

A quick scroll over the All 786 Known Planets To Scale graphic will reveal data on the atmosphere and year of discovery of each planet. This timely approach allows viewers to get a sequential overview of each orb, although the rapid pace of their finding suggests that much more remains to be added to such a diagram.