Al Que Quiere Designs Artistically Creative Furniture and Objects

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: aqqdesign & itsnicethat
Decorating a home with pickings from Al Que Quiere, a design firm based in Los Angeles, California, could easily transform it into an art gallery of sorts. The quirky, oddball decor offers tons of room for interpretation. Nevertheless, the furniture, no matter how contemporary, is much more familiar. Overall, Al Que Quiere straddles the line between industrial design and art for pieces that will appeal to creatives.

Founded by Matthew Sullivan, Al Que Quiere derives its name from the Latin phrase, which roughly translates to 'for he who wants it.' As written on its website, "AQQ believes improvement/design, generally speaking (like a better chair, a better bowl, a better digital interface) is a very relative undertaking. Design is often functionally minded whilst being ignorant of its associative, cultural cargo."