The AL-KO 30 Manual Mowing Machine

 - Nov 1, 2007
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The Al-KO 30 is manufactured in China and comes in shiny yellow. This product has been reinvented since 1960's however over time the design has not needed to be improved. Additionally it is environmentally friendly, great exercise and goes on and on. The video below shows the lawnmower in action. Don't be deceived by the colour difference. This is exactly the same modern. The company guarantee's convenient unravelling of packaging and the grass will never be greener.

About AL-KO:
Established in 1931, AL-KO is one of Europe's leading Garden Machinery manufacturers, offering unique features along with competitive pricing and a desire to increase and improve it's capability and competence through innovation and continuous improvements.
Cost: £69.95
Delivery within 2 days.