The Air Water Collector Accumulates Condensation in Arid Climates

 - Sep 26, 2013
References: yankodesign
Can you obtain H2O out of nowhere? The Air Water Collector is intended to do just this, providing lifesaving liquid to those traversing some of Earth's less forgiving landscapes. Recommended for use in deserts particularly, the device relies on harvesting moisture from the air, rather than from rain, pools or underground streams.

Conveniently compact, the gadget collapses into the dimensions of a closed umbrella so that it can be carried easily inside a backpack. When one sets up his camp at the end of the day's trek, the Air Water Collector can be opened, allowing its flexible fins to welcome the settling of condensation as the temperature drops. Water droplets slide down the silicone and through the built-in filter structure. The tubular base acts as a water bottle for the potable product.