The Ones 2 Watch Ai Suzuki Feature is Understated

 - Jun 5, 2015
References: theones2watch
Ai Suzuki is the latest up-and-comer to be featured in 'Go-See,' a model feature for The Ones 2 Watch. The understated beauty is captured by photographer Yuji Watanabe and poses in pieces that are both youthful and effortlessly cool. Celebrating the fashion industry's low-key Normcore aesthetic, this editorial features a mix of vintage tees, denim pieces and sneaker footwear.

Opting to not stand out too much, Normcore style gains attention for its subtlety and nostalgic references rather than for its opulence. Ai Suzuki wears the style well and proves that less is often more when looking for a wardrobe that is both wearable and comfy.

The model is represented by NAMe Management agency and is originally based in Kanagawa, Japan. In an accompanied interview with The Ones 2 Watch, Ai discusses her childhood memories and states that she doesn't mind on missing out on school work while modeling.