Bundu Works with a Support Group for HIV-Positive Women in Malawi

With Christmas around the corner, handmade, ethical, eco friendly, gifts for kids might just find a space on Santa’s list this year with these adorable creations. Canadian-based Bundu Designs (meaning in the "middle of nowhere") is transforming the awareness and consumption of contemporary African design products with a core philosophy of ethical, sustainable and fairly traded. Like Bundu’s name implies, many of the artisan groups they work with are literally found in the "middle of nowhere," Petrusville, Ndiwasa, Mutare, Imizamuwethu, Ambatofotsy. The focus, however, is never on pity purchases; all products must be design savvy and appeal to a contemporary market. None of these gifts come freighted with the baggage of commercialism, are made from safe and nontoxic materials, and weren’t made in sweatshops.

Hand-stitched by Mwayiwathu (meaning "blessings"), a support group for HIV-positive women in Malawi, sew little animal using African wax prints combined with a soft jersey knit. The 15 members of this small group are primarily AIDS widows, living with the virus themselves.  They chose the name for their group because they really see the work they do as a blessing and a solution to some of the challenges they face.  The range is made in an elephant, monkey, lion and bunny.

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