HTDG And Leo Ku Joined to Create a Line of Adventure Time Clothing

HTDG, a Hong Kong fashion brand, joined with multi-talented celebrity Leo Ku to create a line of Adventure Time clothing to be unveiled during Shanghai Fashion Week 2016.

Models walked the runway in brightly colored ensembles that contained all the symbols necessary to link it to the eccentric American animated TV show. In some of the Adventure Time clothing, names of characters were written on patches which were then sewn onto fabric -- with one black jacket including "ICE KING," "FINN AND JAKE" and "LADY RAINICORN" on it.

These patches were included on the pant legs of the same outfit as well, as were black and white images of the characters and some gooey lettering that simply spelled "ADVENTURE." In others, the colors of characters were at the focal point of the Adventure Time clothing -- one example being the yellow and black combination that honored Jake the Dog.