Everyone Wants a Piece of This Pie, Even Larry Flynt and Joe Francis

 - Jan 9, 2009   Updated: Jun 9 2011
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Cars aren't selling. People are clipping coupons, foregoing high-calorie meals and postponing impulse buys. And evidently, less people are purchasing porn, which puts it in the heaping pile of businesses that are fighting to survive. Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and 'Girls Gone Wild' CEO Joe Francis are heading up the porn industry's push to receive their fair share ($5 billion) of the federal government handout.

Implications - The North American economic crisis has severely crippled several industries which relied heavily on consumers' disposable income. Consumers are instead choosing to spend money more wisely on necessary products rather than luxury or extraneous goods. Industries looking to launch a luxury item should consider current consumer spending habits as they may potentially cause a product to fail based solely on consumers' lack of disposable income.