The Adidas SLVR Concept Shoes are Easy to Slip On and Off

 - Mar 4, 2011
References: slvrstore.adidas & ohgizmo
It seems as though sneaker brands are jumping on the TSA-friendly bandwagon by the looks of the Adidas SLVR Concept Shoes. Considering how much of a hassle airport security is becoming, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised that specialized clothing hasn't stopped at underwear.

Available only in small, medium and large sizes at the moment, the Adidas SLVR Concept Shoes don't actually shield you from X-ray scanners. Instead, they are made to be easily slipped on and off when you're asked to take off your shoes before stepping through the scanning machines.

Priced at $140, the Adidas SLVR Concept Shoes feature a four-way stretch mesh material that also makes it easy to store in bags and carry-ons. Do you think you'll invest in a pair?