Addicted Products by Simone Rebaudengo Get Sad When Underused

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: simonerebaudengo & psfk
Addicted Products by Simone Rebaudengo, an Italian product designer currently working at Frog in Munich, Germany, is a project that turns the idea of smart technology on its head. As home appliances become more independent and 'smarter,' the designer envisions them as adopting human behaviors as well, some of which involve jealousy, despondency and, of course, addictiveness.

Involving a network of tweaked toasters, Addicted Products by Simone Rebaudengo connected them to the Internet and each other. They were then distributed among a group of hosts. Addicted to being used, they became emotional when they knew that other toasters were being used more. They would act out physically or through tweets and when it got really bad they would self-destruct or call DHL to be moved.