CB2's Rex Acrylic Print is Sold as Part of Their Edition LMTD Range

 - Aug 18, 2014
References: cb2 & cb2
Priced at $279, this rex acrylic print from CB2 celebrates everyone's favorite prehistoric creatures, the dinosaurs. This modern art piece depicts a ferocious t-rex creature in a acid green palette that is drafted using an oil pen medium.

The hand-drafted acrylic print is "layered with spray paint and ink" and looks as if it's floating atop a clear, plastic canvas. The art piece is conceived by Ben Holiday who is known for pushing visual boundaries with his works.

CB2's rex print is vibrantly hued and enriched with intricate light and shadow details. This piece is the perfect addition to kids' rooms, modern classroom spaces or minimalist living room interiors with an infusion of vibrantly hued accent pieces. The piece is sold as part of the retailer's edition LMTD collection.