This Realistic Dinosaur Suit is Designed to Look Like a Velociraptor

 - Jun 17, 2013
References: stanwinstonschool & designtaxi
This remarkable prehistoric suit was designed by artist Fábio Silva to look like a velociraptor. While Silva had limited options for building materials he managed to create a vicious looking, functional raptor suit.

Silva's dinosaur creation was inspired by the special effects from movies such as Jurassic Park and Aliens. Using movies like Jurassic Park as reference, Silva created this impressive velociraptor suit. This realistic creation was made with common materials such as aluminum and plastic. From up close it's easy to see how detailed this meat eating dinosaur replica truly is.

Jurassic Park brought dinosaurs into the homes of families everywhere, and since the movie was just re-released in 3D, this fantastic functional raptor suit seems like a creative homage to this iconic film.