Rotating Photos to Show Off Auction Goods Made Online with 3DBin

 - Sep 24, 2009
References: 3dbin
3dBin allows the user to make 3D photos of any object in about 5 minutes. Using a few common objects to construct a reference background and a camera, preferably with a tripod, any photographer can create the photos needed to build a rotating 3D image online.

The application is geared to auction sellers and those who want a quick and easy way to provide interactive rotating product images to their customers.

Online image hosting is part of the 3dbin service. Unlimited images can be uploaded and stored, but different membership levels allow for different rates of use: Pricing ranges from free for 3 images shared at one time to about $45 per month for 50 images.

Tutorials for photographing both people and objects are available on YouTube.