This 3D Model Re-Creates the Star Dwellers Cover Intricately

 - Feb 24, 2014
References: grantlouden & core77
This 3D model takes fandom to a very specific and intricate place. Star Dwellers is a very niche novel and as such, it has a niche audience. The audience it does have, however, is very dedicated and this 3D model of the cover is proof.

Being able to make something three dimensional out of a two dimensional image is difficult because you can only go off of what you see, so being able to mirror the original so closely is an impressive feat.

While the model itself is impressive in its specificity, another impressive aspect is the documentation of their steps from start to end. The mission of the creator, Grant Louden, was to hand-craft the model wherever he could and with that mantra guiding his hand he came out with a one-of-a-kind piece of art.