This Looks Like a Photoshop 3D Marge Simpson But is a Real Woman

This realistic and somewhat creepy image of Marge Simpson looks like a graphic-generated image originating from Photoshop perhaps, but it’s not—that’s actually a real woman wearing insanely realistic Marge Simpson makeup and a matching hairdo.

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov specializes in using hair and makeup to create unbelievable out-of-the-world images that look like they’re not real photographs but heavily edited graphical depictions.

For this Marge Simpson project, an unwitting model was chosen and netting was placed on her head to support a giant blue base for the hair. Khokhlov then took a large amount of real chrysanthemum flowers and painted them in blue. Each chrysanthemum flower was then painstakingly glued onto the blue head base to create a realistic Marge Simpson hair-do.

A makeup artist then applied yellow paint all over the model’s head and drew a classic closed-mouth Marge Simpson smile onto it. Gigantic over-sized eyes were then painted on. The end result is a realistic and pretty haunting real-life Marge Simpson.