Marcus Moller Bitsch's 365 Project Uploads a Picture Per Day

 - Jan 23, 2013
References: flickr & mymodernmet
Marcus Moller Bitsch's 365 Day Project posts a picture per day throughout the year. The 20 year old does not focus on any particular theme, but instead takes to Flickr on a daily basis to bring his artistic vision to life.

A look through Bitsch's 365 Day Project series reveals a myriad of themes, angles and settings. As he has not tied himself to a particular genre of photography, he delivers images of portraits, landscapes and inanimate objects at once. This notion of diversity contributes to his success and following as viewers get to peruse a mesmerizing assortment of snapshots while feeling a sense of surprise again and again. Interestingly, the creative, inventive aspect of the series does not die down throughout the year.