3 Top Concept Camera Designs

 - Jan 20, 2008
References: techeblog
It seems digital cameras are getting sleeker, sexier and more functional; so much that they are almost becoming a staple item to have with you at all times. To be honest with you camera's seem to be everywhere from your cell phone to your watch but they mostly seem to be on the conservative side. However a few manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to step outside the box and have come up with some unique innovative digital camera designs.

First, the canon snap. Simply fitting around your index finger as if it were a ring. Snap pictures by just pushing a button located at the back, with your thumb.

Second, Nikon 360. Designer Yu Chen shows us a camera with not only conveniently placed buttons, ports and memory card slots packaged in a futuristic design, but what makes this camera really cool is the bobbing lens that rotates 360 degrees.

Lastly, the Kodak 1881. Designed by Lindsey Pickett, the "1881" looks like something out of a Dan Brown Thriller. A cross breed of Amulet, Locket and a hint of old school pocket watch, the "1881" will make the baby boomers feel hip and fresh again. Simply squeeze the case to take a picture or open it up to see what you're shooting with it's dual LCD screens.