The $2 Million Leica Lens Weighs in at Over 100 Pounds

 - Sep 2, 2012
References: apotelyt & dvice
It’s easy to mistake this $2 million Leica lens for a small warhead at first glance. This massive lens weighs in at 132 pounds and was created for Prince Saud bin Muhammed Al Thani of Qatar. Despite its giant size, the lens somehow fits onto a normal Leica camera.

This lens is technically known as a Leica APO-Telyt-R 1:5.6/1600mm, in case you were wondering. The $2 million you spend on the lens also gets you a Mercedes-Benz equipped with 4WD. No word on what type of Benz you get, but it probably won’t be anything tiny like the SLS AMG. It appears that the $2 million Leica lens is a one-off for now. That could change if a rival Arab prince decides he wants one just a little bigger.