The 150m Long Study Table by MAKS Encourages Student Interaction

 - Jul 3, 2013
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One way to keep people connected in public spaces is to interpret the mission literally as the 150m Long Study Table does. A stretched, snaking desk, it provides enough surface for a large amount of people to sit and work on. Considering how much of a statement-making design it is, however, quiet time might be compromised as people continually comment on its impressive length.

Designed by Maks, a creative firm based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the 150m Long Study Table was created for the Chinese University Library in Hong Kong. The university was built 30 years ago and has undergone spatially chaotic and eclectic renovations. This desk signals a more cohesive space while also addressing modern needs. Maks notes, "Students are studying in other ways, as interaction has increasingly gained importance."