Megabus Takes Credit Crunched Tourists from Toronto to NYC (UPDATE)

 - Jun 11, 2009
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Travel to New York City from Canada for $1? Now there’s an incentive to lure people with a travel bug cross-country, no matter how credit-crunched they are! is offering $1 bus rides from Toronto to NYC via Motorcoach through September.

Once the $1 seats are full, the remainder of the spots are still highly discounted. I’d still pay $8 to get to the Big Apple, wouldn’t you?

It almost sounds too good to be true, so I had to know: are they charging $5 for a pop? $10 for a bag of chips? $20 to use the bathroom? Is the air conditioning broken or something? Doesn’t look like it, AND they offer entertainment like video and free Wi-Fi on board. That makes the 10-12 hour trip zoom by, especially if you’re traveling through the night.

What a great way to lure tourists into the city. No doubt they’ll push tourist packages on you, recommend certain restaurants, but who cares? It’s a $1 bus ride to New York City!