The Dutch Model is a Rising Star

 - May 19, 2012
For the past four years, Dutch model Valerie van der Graaf has been adorning the covers and pages of magazines like Vogue and Grazia with poise and elegance, complementing whatever outfit she wears.

The model effortlessly pulls off looks that range from smoothly casual to impossibly debonair. She is just at home in a gown as she is in lingerie or a t-shirt. This versatility is no doubt a welcome trait in the constantly evolving, ever fickle fashion industry.

Most people are grateful to find even one style becoming of them. For many, it takes years. With supermodels though, the clothes don't make them; they make the clothes. This does well to explain why fashion designers, photographers and editors are so particular about the models they work with. It also explains van der Graaf's burgeoning success.