From Ironic Comedian T-Shirts to Pop Artist Jersey Tees

 - Dec 6, 2013
For those of your friends and family who are always seen rocking awesomely satirical images on their top, t-shirt gifts are a great holiday idea.

Even though they claim they just throw one whatever is closest to them on the floor, you know they went to great lengths to find that clever TV show parody shirt. They might claim to not care about fashion, but once they see the hilarious t-shirt gift you get them, they will totally take pride in wearing it.

The t-shirt gifts shown here rang from innuendo to inappropriate to just plain awesome. If your casual friend is also a fashionista on the down-low, get them a tee that mocks designer labels by distorting them and changing their name.

If your friend is a nerd there are also many t-shirt gifts that play off of famous franchises such as Harry Potter and Breaking Bad.