- May 16, 2011
Toys don't always have to be cute and cuddly; these terrifying teddy bears demonstrate the monstrous shapes some lovable stuffed animals can take. If you are looking for a child's gift in this list, you might want to consider a Halloween present instead. These teddy bears are not your average huggable toys.

Childhood fantasies of playing with life-size teddy bears will be slightly intimidating when you see just how gruesome some bears can be. Do you enjoy placentas by any chance? If so, then the placenta teddy could make an excellent spooky decoration or even just a regular accessory depending on your preference. Vampire teddy bears are also available if you enjoy a stuffed animal with a little more bite to it. Whatever your fancy, terrifying teddy bears will give you plenty to choose from.

From Placenta Teddies to Psychotic Bears: