From Opulent Apple Purses to Whimsical Weather Handbags

 - Aug 15, 2012
If you want to add a little something-something to your outfit, consider jazzing things up with one of these strangely shaped clutches.

Although Sex and the City star Carrie Bradshaw didn’t fancy her swan-shaped Judith Leiber clutch, it certainly had a whimsical charm that was hard to ignore. While an over-the-top Judith Leiber purse may not be be in the budget for all gals, there are a number of other quirky options available. Everything from crawling crustaceans to flocks of sheep have inspired a legion of dazzling evening bags.

Nighttime is the ideal social scene to bust out something that may or may not be too eccentric for daytime. Add humor and personality to your look with these strangely shaped clutches.