From Kindness Carriers to Tuition-Paying Knapsacks

 - Jan 17, 2013
Many of the socially conscious backpack companies in this Social Business top list donate their products and/or profits to education-related charities or endeavors. For instance, Schoolbags for Kids, which is a certified B Corporation, has replicated the one for one giving model popularized by TOMS and donates one backpack with school supplies for every bag bought by their customers.

While Schoolbags for Kids' designs are explicitly child-centric (think butterflies and bright colors), other socially conscious backpack companies are mainly marketed toward adults or young adults, even if the social side of the giving goes toward students and young education. For instance, there's Jatalo, which offers textbooks on purchase, but the designs featured with this social business are much more appropriate for the adult buyer than children.