Romper, Jumper and Onesie are Different Names for the Same Impractical Cloth

 - Jan 17, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
No matter how cute American Apparel makes them look, rompers and jumpers just aren't practical for most people to wear. That won't stop you from getting an itch to buy one, though, after looking through these 11 ridiculous rompersâ€"unless you're planning an 80s party sometime soon, you may want to rethink the impulse before you go out and buy something.

Implications - Rompers may be a retro revival from the fifties, but businesses like American Apparel are definitely wisening up to the fact that a little vintage nostalgia can go a long way towards making a hot product. With this in mind, this collection highlights how even an old fashion style can be a veritable gold mine if appropriately reinterpreted.