From Social Media Statuses to Personalized Newspapers

 - Aug 20, 2012
The growing collection of personal media printers is a testament to the ever volatile ways in which people synthesize information.

Many of these mini printers are designed so that they will automatically print media that is relevant to you. Through social media access (like Facebook account connectivity) or customized gadget/website selection, RSS or newsfeed-like updates can be compiled into a receipt-esque printout. This relatively new concept lets people have highly customizeable hard copies of information that are bite-sized and easily read without being so dependant on our cell phones. Can you imagine having the latest photo updates from Instagram as well as the headliners from the New York Times printed out by your bedside, each morning?

Since the super powerful smartphone has made so much go digital, the need for a full-fledged printer is not practical anymore (outside of school and work, of course). However, the idea of a post-it note still remains attractive as many are against completely letting go of the tangible. By mixing both personal and world news into a customized paper, the takeover of mini-printers might erase the need for print newspapers completely.